How to evaluate the value of my car

If you are considering selling your vehicle, it is very important for you to know a close ballpark figure of what to ask for your car. Of course, you do need to look at where you intend on selling the car. If you take the vehicle to a dealership, you are not going to receive as much for the car. You need to sell the car yourself in order to receive the highest value. Third party sellers need to make money off of the vehicle so they are going to offer you a lower price. With this in mind though, there are a few different elements you need to consider when selling the vehicle.

Mileage and Condition
The mileage is a very important element of your vehicle. Check what the speedometer is currently set at and write it down. You also need to look at the condition of the vehicle. General wear and tear is fine, such as small scratches from your keys around the key holes or just general nicks in the paint. However, if there are any dented fenders, cracks in the windshield or other larger issues, note this. You also need to think back over your history with the vehicle as previous body work due to accidents can reduce the value of the car.Trim and Added FeaturesThe trim of the vehicle is important and makes a difference in the value of your vehicle. You do not just need to know the make, model and year but also the trim and transmission. Also, look over the vehicle for any sort of additions you made to the car, such as new wheels, the stereo system or new tires.

Look Up Vehicle

Now, visit a website such as Kelly Blue Book. This website is able to give you the value of your vehicle, based on depreciation for the specific make and model, on top of what it is selling at. Now, once you are at the website include all of the information you notated in the previous steps. This is going to help you determine the exact value of your vehicle. You also need to consider where you are selling it. The exact location of where you live can play a big part in the value of the car as it might not be as popular in your given area of the country in comparison to other cities in the country.

What About A Junk Car?
If you would classify your vehicle as junk (not running, severe body damage) etc. it is difficult to get a private party seller to consider purchasing it. Furthermore, in many states it’s actually illegal to sell a car that can’t pass smog etc. If this is the situation that you find yourself in, then I would urge you to turn to some companies that buy junk cars. Let me give you an example so you know what I’m talking about This is a prime example of a company that will buy your car. Now all you have to do is locate one in your city.

Hopefully these tips helped you out and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.